Teo is an independent sculptor and poet, self-taught artist, author of a few hundred sculptures in wood as well as few dozen of painting works. Professionally she has M.A in Polish philology, but currently – a connoisseur of free moments.

Her art was influenced to a large extent by childhood spent at a picturesque lake, among forests, reeds and meadows. There were a lot of wild birds and the nature had its own rights. During this period, the artist acquired a fascination with nature, particularly with sunsets. Teo likes sculpting in open space, under the panorama of clouds.

A constant hunger for self-improvement resulted in hundreds of books on the shelves in her home. A strong Franciscan trend is visible in Teo's poetry with the need to affirm life in its every form. For the artist, creating is a spiritual catharsis and a form of meditation, especially when sculpting is accompanied by the music of Gregorian chants.

Experience, intuition and imagination are a force with which she takes up inspiring topics. Teo does not sketch before beginning her work, nor does she imitates anybody. She puts emphasis on the game of light and shades and marks wood with a cross before work, just like a bread. She finds an unique shape and an individual expression in each piece of wood.

Despite a full-time professional work, she always finds time for self-fulfillment in sculpting. Privately, she is a wife and a mother of 3 children.